Florian Jacot 

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Florian Jacot was born in the Ivory Coast in 1976 and moved to Switzerland at the age of 5.
After graduating from a postsecondary socio-medical training of three years, he moved to Toronto in 1996 to explore his passion for art. 

He graduated from the Art diploma program of Central Tech School and from the Classical Animation diploma program of "Max the Mutt Animation Inc". He studied as well for one year at the Michael John Angel Studio, school of Classical figurative drawing and painting.

Afterwards, Florian pursued his own studies looking closely at the classical methods of the Old masters as well as the more recent approaches of direct painting "Alla prima" used by the impressionist painters. Wanting to expand his skill beyond traditional art, Florian explored the fascinating world of digital art by studying Digital Animation at Centennial College.

 His work has been exhibited on several occasions in shows and galleries. In 1999, he received an award by The Sculpture Society of Canada for two of his sculptures.

Florian has been teaching Figure Sculpture, Drawing and Artistic Anatomy at Centennial College since 2004, Figure Sculpture and Digital Sculpting at Toronto School of Art since 2009 and does some artwork for the Film and Game Industry. He also teaches Painting at Sheridan College since 2011.